The Diamond Casino Heist GTA V

The Diamond Casino Heist GTA V

The Diamond Casino Heist GTA V

GTA Online is one of the most popular platforms for gamers where they come together to execute a dedicated mission. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to GTA Online missions. The sole purpose of GTA Online is to make money and own the best cars in the lobby to show off.

You level up after every mission and one of the most common ones is heists & The Diamond casino heist is the most famous and high paying one! People are commonly spotted doing heists in the game for big money. 

One of the biggest heists in the game is the Diamond Casino Heist which, being a heist, gained early popularity among the fans. GTA Online has a lot of these heists like the diamond casino heist which can be played in the game to earn good money.

You will need the cash to start the premium Diamond Casino Heist. There are many heists you can do to earn money and required stuff to finally be able to do the Diamond Casino Heist. 

What is Diamond Casino Heist in GTA V?

GTA V The Diamond Casino Heist

The famous Diamond Casino heist has been captured by the Duggans who fought the triads and Cheng Clan. You and your players need to work with Georgina Cheng and help her take back control of the resort. You have a professional hacker Lester working with you in the Diamond Casino Heist.

You can execute the heist in many ways and the results are not dependent on your failure. If you fail in one of the approaches, the plan changes for the execution of the heist which makes this one of the most competitive missions so far in GTA Online

Diamond Casino Heist in GTA V is different from the regular Heists in the game. There are many new elements that have been introduced in this mission to set it apart from the rest of the heists. One of the key elements is the plan change if you fail a single job.

Yes, you don’t have to worry if you fail in a single Job during the mission prep. The plan changes and you can move on to complete it. This heist, in particular, is very unpredictable making it quite harder than the rest of the heists in the game.

Being exclusive also means that you won’t be able to play the heist directly and you need to have some requirements to enable playing this mission. 

To plan the heist and other elements, your character in the game needs to own an arcade. Fortunately, the players who bought GTA 5 in the epic games’ sale, already own the Pixel Pete’s Arcade which can be accessed as soon as you login to GTA Online. You might be wondering why would you want an Arcade to play this mission?

The reason is you need an Arcade to learn to hack the keyboard, store equipment and getaway vehicles. All these are important for this particular heist. You need to have these sets of skills to successfully complete this heist. Once you own an Arcade, there is another issue which you might face if you are new to the game. 

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The Diamond Heist can be only played by the CEO or VIP of an organization. You can become a VIP by buying a cheap night house or a club in the game. Another alternative is becoming a member of the motorcycle gang to be eligible for this heist. Let’s talk about how you can prepare for this heist and make it successful. 

How to do the Heist?

Being different from other heists in the game, there are different approaches where failure does not mean you need to restart the heist. If you have the numbers game with your team, the plan and strategy will shift accordingly. You need to learn all the elements and collect equipment for the heist to perform the final push. 

All the prep missions for the heist depend on the type of approach a player takes to collect the equipment during the missions. These prep missions are very useful to collect information and equipment which will be quite useful during the main heist.

There are multiple options that will be available for the leader to choose from. If you’re doing this heist with your friends, you can discuss it among yourselves and choose the suitable approach for you. The three options are as follows:

Silent & Sneaky: You can go like a proper thief unnoticed to steal from the vault which will give you the maximum time to do what you want. If you wanted to test your stealth skills, this is the one to go for. 

The Big Con: You dress up as the workers in the area which has minimum to no resistance from the guards around the vault. 

Aggressive: This is the most chosen option by the players. You go in the front door guns blazing to acquire what’s in the vault. While this is not the ideal way to go, people often select this in shooting games. 

These were the Heist prep mission approach options. You need to make sure all your team members are alive for the final heist in the Casino to acquire it. Depending on what the leader chooses, the prep missions will begin.

Each prep mission will give you access to multiple bonuses, vehicles, equipment which will be beneficial in the heist finale. As said earlier, failing in either of them doesn’t mean that you fail the whole heist. The plan and strategy will change accordingly and you can win as long as your team has the numbers game. 

The heist’s final mission will begin after all the players have completed their prep missions. The finale can be initiated by the leader of the game once he decides if all the players are present or not.

The final diamond casino heist requires 2-4 players in the lobby to start. Select the exchange point and the finale will begin. It will solely depend on the approach you have taken in the prep missions so be prepared if you were aggressive. 

The final thing to note is if you fail in one of the approaches, it will not be available the second time for the heist and the difficulty level of others will be higher than before. Choose your approach wisely!!

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