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CSGO Silver 1 Prime Account

Steam account details are sent on your email instantly after successful payment

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Silver 1 Prime

After purchasing the account Silver 1 Prime:

All the major multiplayer FPS: first-person shooter games have a particular ranking method that places the player in a specific group according to their performance.

One of the big guns in the universe of highly action-packed first-person shooters is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, popularly known as CSGO. Check our reviews on TrustPilot.

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The account details will be sent on your email instantly after successful payment

This package includes :

 - Steam username
 - Steam password
 - Contact us on live chat support to change Email Address

You will get a steam account with as follows :

 - Counter Strike - Global Offensive
 - Prime Enabled Account with Rank : Silver 1
 - Wins: 0-50 (Prime Enabled)
 - Private Rank: 1-21+ (Ready for Prime Matchmaking)
 - Steam Level 0-1 (Limited Account. You need to add 5 USD Wallet to add friends)
 - Steam guard is off for faster delivery

Diving into the game, there are two types of accounts Prime and Non-prime, regardless to say Prime is the better one. Conventionally it takes time to reach a prime status as one attains it after level 21, which is a lot of grinds. Silver 1 is the first league one enters as one starts playing online and gets ranked out of the 18 ranks.

Silver ranks generally consist of newbies or those who take a casual stroll in the lobby; either your opponent will be a newbie or someone tired of ELO. Silver 1 players are total noobs, so if you are having a bad day and are good at the game, a silver account will take you up to cloud nine, giving you an OP feeling of being the lord of the game.

Good players quickly rank up and get out of the silver league and often come back.

How to Get Silver 1 Rank?

The only way around is to buy an account; we got you covered there. Silver 1 rank is the best to blow off some steam or have one that is further enhanced with a prime status, which keeps the hackers and trollers away from your game, giving you perfect match-making. A silver 1 account allows you to have fun and even give the game another shot with hell lot of experience.

Players often challenge themselves with a rank-up and go from Silver 1 to all the way up to Global Elite. So, look no further, take a gander at our stock, and get your account in a few minutes with lightning-fast deliveries. We always got your back with lifetime customer support and the ultimate service at a feasible price.


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