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CSGO Silver 4 Prime Ranked Account

Steam account details are sent on your email instantly after successful payment

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The account details will be sent on your email instantly after successful payment. Check our reviews on TrustPilot.

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This package includes :

 - Steam username
 - Steam password
 - Contact us on live chat support to change Email Address

You will get a steam account with as follows :

 - Counter Strike - Global Offensive
 - Prime Enabled Account with Rank : Silver 4 Prime
 - Private Rank: 1-21+ (Ready for Prime Matchmaking)
 - Wins: 0-50 (Prime Enabled)
 - Steam Level 0-1 (Limited Account. You need to add 5 USD Wallet to add friends)
 - Steam guard is off for faster delivery


As one moves along in the game, ranking up beating the first three novice ranks, one reaches Silver 4. Silver 4 Prime is one of the higher positions of the silver league, and this is where the strategic gamers arrive, and noobs begin to decrease. Being in silver 4 Prime puts one in the to 88% of all the CS: GO players worldwide.

This is where one can say that serious matches kind of start as there is no majority of newbies or noobs, where people know how the games work and do not just get kills by random sprays walking around.

Here tactical and strategical gameplay such as using flashbangs. Knifing the stationery players cannot be done for fun from here until someone is away from the keyboard. So, one starts his journey by learning the tricks of the trade and using purposeful approaches to improvise the gameplay and rank up faster.

This can be further enhanced if one takes a prime account rather than just a Silver 4 Prime account.

As mentioned previously, there are endless benefits of having a prime account. It all starts with the most vital aspect, i.e. match-making, one only gets matched and put in a game with other Prime players, who have grinded to level 21 with hours of effort or wisely bought prime from us.

Our prime accounts help you avoid the derankers and trollers who deliberately worsen your gaming experience, giving you a hard time to rank up and ruining the fun for you. Our accounts are delivered faster than the flash moves around.

The transaction is 100% safe and secure so, the account reaches one in minutes with the added benefits of lifetime customer assistance. In addition to that, our accounts are fresh, so no cooldowns are stopping or interfering with your game. You just log on and play on!


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