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CSGO Silver 2 Prime Ranked Prime Account

Steam account details are sent on your email instantly after successful payment

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A Silver 2 Prime rank is way below the average player’s rank. The players found in the silver league are mostly noobs, and one can have a tremendous amount of fun by just trolling them. It is complicated to get a Silver 2 Prime account as in the CSGO community, it is considered one of the very low ranks.

The account details will be sent on your email instantly after successful payment. Check our reviews on TrustPilot.

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This package includes :

 - Steam username
 - Steam password
 - Contact us on live chat support to change Email Address

You will get a steam account with as follows :

 - Counter Strike - Global Offensive
 - Prime Enabled Account with Rank : Silver 2 Prime
 - Private Rank: 1-21+ (Ready for Prime Matchmaking)
 - Wins: 0-50 (Prime Enabled)
 - Steam Level 0-1 (Limited Account. You need to add 5 USD Wallet to add friends)
 - Steam guard is off for faster delivery

Do I even need the Silver 2 Prime Accounts?

The second rank one reaches up to as he starts fresh and knows very little about how the game works. These guys in this beginner’s league have no clue how vast the game is and what skills like teamwork and coordination mean.

Anybody who plays well or handles a little clutch, dealing with more than one opponent at a time and emerging victorious out of the situation is a hacker for them. The players of this rank are the sufferers of huge humiliation and embarrassment as they are the ones who are used when someone makes troll videos or blows off steam in a game by going on a killing spree.

Many players buy these types of accounts purely for fun and keep coming back to use for more as who does not like being the god of the game? Silver 2 Prime accounts are the best way to start the game with; pure fun and practice at the beginning work like a tutorial for some gamers, and as they rank up, their matches get serious, and some turn out a pro, and some want fun, so they switch to another Silver 2 prime account.

Although Prime or non-prime is up to the customer to decide, Prime is highly recommended as we always want the best for our fellow gamers to make sure they have the best in the class gaming experience. Prime gives them superb match-making keeping the hackers, derankers out.

Buying an account from us gives you the best gaming experience and no cooldowns since the account is fresh and excellent customer support.


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