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csgo high tier accounts

CSGO High Tier Prime Accounts

CSGO High Tier Accounts are some of the best accounts that CSGO players can purchase from us. Our mission is to make sure that a gamer has the best experience of playing CSGO with accounts purchased from us and therefore, our High Tier Accounts accounts are the best if you are looking for a good main account. So let us tell you why the High Tier Accounts are different than the rest of the CSGO Accounts on our website.

Buy CSGO High Tier Accounts

We have all categories of CSGO accounts listed on the website but these accounts have a specific (higher) number of wins and hours played. You can browse from a variety of accounts with different levels of expertise. The information is clearly stated when you read about each account, so you know what you are getting. The accounts have hours played ranging from 500 to 10000. The number of wins on each account range from 150 to 4000 wins.

Most of the CS:GO High Tier Accounts also have a combination of other coins and rewards. CSGO is known for giving out awards based on performance, which is called Service Medals. So the more the number of medals, the more experienced account you are purchasing and the better gaming experience you will get.

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    CSGO High TIer Accounts

    GN3 | 18,19,21 Medal | Diamond Op. Broken Fang Coin | Loyalty Badge

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    CSGO High TIer Accounts

    GNM | 19,20,21 Medal | Diamond Op. Broken Fang Coin | Steam Lvl 11

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    CSGO High TIer Accounts

    GNM | 19,20,21 Medal | WM Rank GE | Private Rank 25 | 447 Wins

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    CSGO High TIer Accounts

    SEM | 16,17,18 Medal | Loyalty Badge | 5 Yr. Veteran Coin

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    CSGO High TIer Accounts

    MG1 | 17,18,19,20 Medal | 5 Year Veteran Coin | Steam level 46 | 100+ Games

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    CSGO High TIer Accounts

    LE | 16,17(3),18(2),19(2), 20 medal | Steam level 30

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Everyone is familiar with premium accounts of various tires, but this is different. High tier is where it gets top-notch. High tier accounts are exquisitely good, making them worth every penny one spends on them. One shows his utmost dedication towards the game by getting one of these to reach CSGO high tier primes.


All the time invested in CSGO results in high hours, various operation coins such as shattered web coins, gold coins, silver coins and all this might be topped up with a loyalty badge. Time is money; it is tough to build an account with extreme dedication and pre-eminence. A high-tier account has it all: several thousand hours, a combination of service medals, trophies and even operation diamond coins, making it a full package.


Not only will one get working yet, but generous and persuading accomplishments, recognizable pieces of proof, awards, identifications, etc., are added to the oner belt. These groups are moreover significantly cost capable and give gamers shop Prime Ranked Accounts for oner longing.


When diving into CSGO, battling gamer of a comparable scope of capacities to remain dependable is a boundlessly improved course to take. Various CSGO high-level accounts are stretching out from Distinguished Master Guardian to Global Elite to browse our site.

high tier accounts

What is a high tier account?

High-tier CSGO accounts, as the name says, are essentially CSGO accounts with high standing. This infers the account with a high rank, an exceptionally high trust factor, many hours in the game, and a particular account. Star players contribute a considerable number of hours and expert everything about the game to climb the positions with a magnificent trust factor level. These positions are not attainable by anybody. Just players of an exceptionally high type are fit for accomplishing something this high.

High tier remains as one of the best accounts one will discover here. This particular tier positions up with Master Guardian, Global Elite and Legendary Eagle individuals, remembering for the CSGO brotherhood. Players who wish to buy a High-level account should contribute most of their everyday time to CSGO. Also, frankly, it might take them a while to accomplish the correct level of involvement and gaming-rank.  They are the best if one is looking for a main account or even if a veteran is making his comeback in the game.

Making a high-tier account’s primary vision and mission continue as before, conveying an ideal gaming experience to all e-sport gaming zealots.

Accounts with high hours                     

When one purchases a CSGO positioned account with a high number of hours of play, it accompanies premium advantages. Envision every one of those excellent components one will get in the wake of purchasing a super exceptional CSGO  accounts to lift oner gaming experience. One can check our surveys at TrustPilot.

So, don’t burn through any time boosting a low tier account and get oneself a high tier account with nearly all that cash can purchase CSGO a few hours in thousand figure.

Suppose one needs to purchase a steam account, either a prime midtier account or buy CSGO high tier accounts. In that case, one can check our high tier segment with incorporates the steam profile interface and the prime rank account, including silver ones, gatekeeper tip-top, incredible falcon accounts or CSGO incomparable expert five stars! The account subtleties will be shipped off to one after the buy!

We search the entire market to get the top tier CSGO accounts high hours and present one here to purchase advantageously and with full security.

Try not to stop for a second to be a lord. Ruler merits the top tier in all things, so why bargain in outstanding amongst other eSports games, CSGO.

Purchase cs go high tier accounts and be the main lord of every squad.

With our top tier client support, one can purchase CSGO accounts numerous hours played account without any problem. On the off chance that one believes one has any issue, one can ping at is whenever, and we will be glad and prepared to determine oner issue as quickly as time permits and with complete fulfilment of oners. Purchase cs go high-level accounts; one merit a high level, which characterizes premium class; purchasing CSGO high tier accounts is what one’s made for e-sport enthusiasts.

csgo ranks offered

Ranks offered:                      

The offered ranks touch the sky, covering them from Distinguished Master Guardian to supreme master first class and even Global elite.  One cannot achieve a rank this high without putting in a hay-load of their time grinding on their console or PC all day. Moreover, it comes with additional goodies such as coins and medals, making this the best deal available.

Why buy a High tier account?

The gamers that are generally acquainted with e-sports do not generally need it regardless of the fundamental. It is a comprehensive strategy to get to ELO status with the additional perplexing task to complete as they continue to build their ranks. You can also have a look at our range of service medal accounts.

For the most part, individuals purchase CSGO high tier account to have various smurf accounts that they can have a good time in or if the account is now banned.

Thus, rather than crushing again from the beginning, genius or veteran players raise their trust factor, avoid all the obstacles, purchase a high-level account rather than another account, CSGO non-primes or buy CSGO primes one ought to go for purchasing high tier prime accounts.

These high-level accounts can be essentially their primary accounts with a great many hours, a generally excellent trust-factor, all the collectables that they had or recently needed, and the best part is that an exceptionally high serious position. Indeed, even new players who need to flaunt their collectables can get these accounts and begin pounding. These high-level accounts can likewise have numerous skins relying upon the dealer with a ton of wins.

Thus, on the off chance that you are not kidding about Counter Strike Global Offensive and need to make the most out of its interactivity, at that point, this is the perfect chance to purchase a high-level account from our site.

Overall, the favourable factor of getting a high tier account is the nature of the ongoing interaction increments. By getting a high tier account, one is available to the genuine network and has burned through hundreds and thousands of hours playing this game. It implies that one does not need to experience smurf accounts or programmers in a group coordinate. Since one will have the option to play with all the ELO player, one will have the chance to get the genuine feel and experience of the ongoing interaction. Check our reviews on TrustPilot before making any purchase!