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Sold a whopping 130 million copies worldwide, marking its move and making it a generational game, GTA V has seen it all. Grand Theft Auto V is the Seventh and successful game developed by Rockstart North and Published by Rockstar Games. GTA V is truly a generational game as it being played everywhere.

Almost every gamer in the world knows about the GTA series and the impact that it made on gaming. Be it graphics, gameplay, fluidity, GTA is perfect on everything. GTA V is the seventh game of the GTA series and the best one too, No offense to GTA Vice City and San Andreas but GTA V is something else in terms of gameplay, graphics, story-telling, movement mechanics and much more!

With Story mode giving so much enjoyment, GTA doesn’t end with that, GTA Online was released along with GTA V and it was a super hit. GTA Online has tons of content and endless GTA experience. Even though GTA V was released way back in 2013, GTA Online is one of the most played games on Steam according to SteamCharts.


GTA V felt futuristic in terms of graphics in 2013 and everyone loved it. The graphics were generational. Although a lot of games with the graphics of GTA V are being released GTA V stood as an example. Combined with proper storytelling and gameplay, GTA V Accounts seemed like the real deal.

The game managed to bag tons of positive reviews from critics and players as well. GTA V was perfect but GTA V Accounts Online had starting troubles. It had tons of bugs and very low content but Rockstar Games decided to take this issue very seriously and they did a good job keeping GTA Online alive. Now GTA online has tons of content and seems very much enjoyable.


GTA V revolves around 3 characters, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Michael and Trevor are ex-colleagues while Franklin joins them later and they try to survive in the city of Los Santos. They try to become rich while surviving the gangs of Los Santos and the Top dawgs too. Join the journey to know what happens to the three. You can control all the three characters in the game. GTA V story mode offers intense gameplay, violence, and excitement which is lovable.


Rockstar Games stepped into the Online gaming world after dominating the Single-Player genre. They released GTA Online weeks after GTA V’s release. Initially, GTA V Accounts Online failed. It failed in terms of gameplay and content. GTA Online had tons of bugs which caused worries to the players who played it and the Content GTA Online provided were very low.

But GTA did not give up, They took matters into their own hands and solved them all. GTA released a series of updates to GTA Online which added tons of Content. Now, GTA Online looks like a really good option to spend your time. The Beach Bum update brought beach-themed jobs and player customizations to the game.

The Deathmatch and Race Creators update allowed players to create their own deathmatches and races. Followed by Valentine’s day update in 2014 which introduced Bonnie and Clyde-themed updates to the game. Then came the Online Heists update which is until now the best ever update Grand Theft Auto Online has ever got.

GTA V Accounts


This update allowed players to group up together and complete heists which gave them a considerable amount of money. It was at this point, the game had a lot of players playing, Then came, a lot of updates the improved the game over the years. The recent update was The Diamond casino & Resorts update which introduced gambling and Resorts to the game.

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