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loyalty badge accounts

The best site for buying CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) Loyalty Badge Accounts

Today’s gaming industry is so huge that it stands at an estimated worth of $200 billion, expanding the realms of technology and entertainment. It has developed into a much more complex and exciting media of all times. Technological innovation has crafted video games to be even more intriguing for players to play and challenge themselves with every game’s gimmicks and tactics. 

There is a huge sensation when it comes to militant games. One form of such a game genre has been popular among several players in the first-person shooter genre in multiplayer mode.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, launched on August 21, 2012, is one such game under the first-person shooter genre, which has topped the Steam chart in terms of most concurrent players and has also received “eSport Game of the year 2015“. This game is available on various platforms such as Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, XBox X 360, etc.

It has attracted an approximate 11 million players per month since its publication. It has amassed a functional level of competition, with several tournaments funded by Valve, the developer of CSGO itself.

Where does Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stand?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, is the 4th game in the Counter-Strike series. The launch of “Danger Zone,” a battle royal game mode in 2018, took the game to new heights as it introduced attractive gaming cosmetics and tactics. Its Metacritic stands at 83/100 for Pc and 80/100 for Ps3. Martin Gaston from VideoGamer.com said that this game is a fair segment of one of the best game series ever and that the players will experience what will become the best experience and moments of their gaming lives.

Coming to the main point where to get Loyalty Badge Accounts for

 CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)?

Loyalty Badges in CSGO is just a remarkable and exceptional collectable that any CSGO maniac will go to any extent to own. There are certainly no benefits given to you by this badge, but it’s just that it implies that you have been associated with this game for a long time.

Before the 2018 update of CSGO, it had a paid and play game policy. Each player who had played CSGO previous to its massive upgrade earned a loyalty badge. This badge symbolizes loyalty membership in the Counter-Strike community as you went on to pay a reasonable sum for their game before it went free after the update. Valve Corp. agreed to make the CSGO game free to play for all due to some unexplained cause, focalizing profits only through gaming cosmetics.

At present, just because CSGO does not offer this badge to new players, you cannot earn the loyalty badge anymore. Before the free-play update, to get the badge was not as unique as everyone got one, but after the update, it attracted great attention. The only option left is to buy a CSGO account already possessing a loyalty badge by which you don’t even need hours of gameplay.

Coming to the point of getting a Loyalty Badge account, one of the best and trustworthy sites you can look up to is CSGO-Accounts

CSGO-Accounts has an overwhelming number of CSGO Prime accounts, including a loyalty tag with up to 750 + Hours. You will get any loyalty badge accounts you can imagine from that website! They only keep standard quality CSGO accounts, for which their ninjas search for, dutifully! 

But why choose CSGO-Accounts?

CSGO-Accounts is a website run by young gaming enthusiastic individuals aiming to provide better avenues to other gaming maniacs. Their service does not limit CSGO related stuff or accounts; instead, it expands to vendor accounts of other famous video games such as Valiant, LOL, and GTA V. They are renowned for their high-class services and fair price deals. A prime loyalty badge account stands at 16-18 dollars only, whereas the other websites offer the same to you for 20-30 dollars! You will be able to get newly launched items here as soon as Valve. Inc releases anything related to CSGO. It has obtained a score of 4.9/5 in TrustPilot, a consumer review website.

Reviewers have quoted down that this website is 100% legit with the system of easy transaction and fast customer care services. Many have stated their longing to return to this website for purchasing premium accounts at such a modest price. Not only do they offer Loyalty badge accounts but also many other enticing elite gaming accounts of CSGO such as Prime accounts, Service medal accounts, 2020 medals, high win accounts, high tier accounts, and much more, awaiting you!

Apart from personal reviews, the website has promised the following features, which it has successfully been able to keep to:-

  1. Security – To secure its website and its customers, they use the most modern and high-quality encryption technologies, plus the website is secure with a secure socket layer (SSL). Secondly, their payment portal is also entirely safe and encrypted so that before making any purchases on our website, you won’t have to think twice. So there is no chance of complaining when it comes to data security or bank account details guarantee. 


  1. Pocket-friendly price – You will always find accounts provided by CSGO-Accounts to be at a very reasonable price. Additionally, they even give you discounts on those cheap accounts further. But they do not compromise the quality of gaming accounts due to their affordable rates, which are the main reason for tremendous customer satisfaction. 


  1. Best customer care support – CSGO-Accounts has a smart and efficient customer care support setup that works 24×7 to resolve any problem you face. All the reviewers have praised this feature in consumer review websites. They will quickly resolve any issue you face in changing passwords and email or even loss of an account within minutes. 


  1. Other website product features include – Lifetime account access, Instant product delivery, and Personal privacy hallmark. You should not worry about leaking your contact details or emails as they use all viable ways to encrypt and secure your data. As a result, you never have to think about anything else other than surfing for your account.


How to buy a CSGO account from CSGO-Accounts?

Buying a CSGO account from here is as easy as cutting a piece of apple!

  • Select the product you want to buy
  • Add the product to the cart.
  • Check out by paying through the desired payment methods available.

They accept both debit and credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, etc.) using PayPal Gateway, in particular.

Once the invoice is complete and thus not kept by PayPal, the account login information will be sent to the user’s registered email ID. After payment, account details are emailed to your registered email ID almost immediately.

Therefore, CSGO-Accounts is relatively the best and cost-effective website for buying quality and assured accounts. There is no chance of fraud at all or no complaints as you would get to go through other such websites. They also publish various blog articles regularly on their website to help you have a better gaming experience.

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