As the veterans and pro players have stated, the skilled gamers win their matches even with little margins. It can be the last flashbang that blinded the enemy team or the exceptional frag grenade, which landed right in the best possible location and lead your team to victory.

The key settings that make a difference are the launch options, and if you are familiar, this may take you further up. If not, then we have the best CSGO launch options for you.

These settings do a wide range of things, i.e., they can change your tick rate from 64t tick to 128 tick, lock your FPS to set a static boundary that can dodge issues like screen tearing, apply an Autoexec, and change specialized settings.

It thoroughly empowers you to repeal the default dispatch settings and add your alluring scenes. These Launch options help you fit the game on a more expert level and assign one to recover the most out of them.


Counter strike global offensive offers you the chance to make your ongoing interaction considerably more intriguing and improved, with CSGO Launch Options’ assistance.

Dispatch choices empower the client to set a few settings to improve the interactivity and, in general, insight before dispatching the game. In primary language, orders for l the game in your ideal launching settings.

The CSGO launch options permit players to change various game settings at dispatch before beginning a match for those uninformed. It allows you to oversee the internal settings present in the game.

With the assistance of Launch alternatives, you can make changes to the customer tick rate and characterize the processor need, among other specialized settings, without much of a stretch.

CSGO launch options can be utilized to change game settings before running the game. Launch options permit the client to supersede the internal settings of the game.

That is a compelling way to recuperate from contradictory video settings and investigate a broad scope of issues.

CSGO is not your customary shooter. It is strangely unforgiving, has a vast ability roof, and requires some genuine essential nous on the off chance you need to ascend the stepping stool.

With this comes a degree of customization, which empowers you to change and customize pretty much every part of the HUD to accommodate your picked playstyle. 

This degree of customization even permits you to change various launch options, open through the Steam menu. Pop some comfort orders into the container, and you can forever modify how the game fires up, just as a couple of different things as well.

Everything from layout choices to customer language and, in any event, avoiding the underlying stacking screen is conceivable. You can do some more inside and out stuff, such as setting outline rates and improving your CPU utilization.


Gaming setups and load-outs vary greatly, and it is not necessary that an individual might have the same format for every game he plays. The structure varies according to the game’s type and the requirements of the gameplay situations faced.

One may find numerous guides on the web describing the best setup, but that setup is ideal for the one who wrote that, but it can work out well for you.

Sadly, launch options are certifiably not a silver projectile for most players. As we said above, loads of aides will invalidate their determination of “best launch options.

” There assuredly is certifiably not a “one size fits all” alternative. A Valve representative on Reddit has stated, “Best launch options are no launch options. They are the most used and most tested..

We agree with what the Valve employee has stated about the CSGO launch options, but in some cases, these launch options can help and work to better your gameplay.

Although there is no universal solution for everyone in contradiction to that, these suggested right here can be of little help.

General Launch Options:

In TV programs, you need to watch a similar introduction each time you start another scene. That is why administrations, for example, Netflix, offer to skirt those areas with a necessary catch press. Yet, similar remains constant for PC games.

You likely skill irritating it is to watch the Steam and CSGO logos each time you fire the game up. You can skip this entire area and boot straight into the game with the- beginner order without much of a stretch. 

Outer matchmaking stages exist, for one, since individuals do not entirely confide in CSGO’s enemy of cheat arrangement. Yet, these administrations additionally offer one significant element, 128 tick workers.

Typical CSGO matchmaking experience includes 64 ticks for every second, which has a real effect on a severe level. The order – tick rate 128 guarantees that all disconnected and LAN games you host will be played under the most generous measure of ticks. 

Another helpful order is – threads [number], which will tell the PC the number of strings you need to devote to executing the game.

The number you pass along relies upon the number of processor centres and potential strings your machine has. By and large, you would need to take the most extreme number here.

At long last, on the off chance that you need to play under an unexpected language compared to the Steam default, you can do as such by adding – language [language] to your CSGO Launch Options.

This will begin the game in your ideal language. In case you are experiencing difficulties with your FPS and general game execution, we suggest evaluating some more choices.

Recommended launch options:

-tickrate 128 +fps_max 0 -novid -nojoy

  • -tickrate 128 sets the tick rate of any “Offline with Bots” servers you host via your client to 128.
  • +fps_max 0 is a console command that you can use as a launch option. It removes the FPS cap that is enabled by default. Most players will have this disabled, but it can help the ones unaware of this fact.
  • -novid will eliminate the short Valve video clip that plays when CSGO launches. We have included it as players will find this video to be a minor hassle that they would not mind getting relieved of!
  • -nojoy will eliminate joystick support from the game, which may free up RAM. It is questioned whether this has any noticeable effect on performance, but it is doubtful that it would harm to have it in your launch options.
  • -high is not a launch option that we have included in the above copy text because it can cause some issues for a small fraction of computers. It will make the CSGO process a higher priority, and therefore, your computer will give resources (RAM, CPU, etc.) to CSGO instead of any other processes that you are running. We advise you to try it, and if it does not cause issues, keep it in your launch options.

Want more FPS?

Right off the bat, on the off chance that you are not encountering low FPS, we suggest that you do not utilize the launch options stated in this part. Since you do not require them to improve FPS, which means negatives will exceed the positives.

 – for instance, we list launch options that incapacitate dynamic lighting. On occasion, this can make gunshots not flash and make flashbangs not show a flash, which can be significant harm with locating players and flashbangs.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you encounter low FPS, ensure that you have had a decent “mess about” with your graphic settings to work out what turns out best for you – you will improve from low illustrations settings than you will from launch options.

How to increase FPS:

csgo launch options

+fps_max 0 -nojoy -high -fullscreen +mat_disable_fancy_blending 1 +cl_forcepreload 1 -limitvsconst -forcenovsync +r_dynamic 0 

Additionally, you may see an increase or decrease using the launch options below. The -disable_d3d9ex option will cause an FPS decrease for most people. These launch options are also less common and less tested. You should try this one-by-one to see if they offer any benefit, and if you have any problems in the future, consider these prime suspects:

+mat_queue_mode 2 -disable_d3d9ex -r_emulate_g -softparticlesdefaultoff  

+fps_max 0 is a console command that you can use as a launch option. It removes the FPS cap that is enabled by default. Most players will have this disabled, but it might be new for someone.

-nojoy will eliminate joystick support from the game, which may free up RAM. It is questioned whether this has any noticeable effect on performance, but it is improbable that it would harm to have it in your launch options.

-high will make the CSGO process a higher priority. Therefore, your computer will give resources to CSGO instead of any other processes that you are running at a lower priority. If you experience stutters when you have other windows open on your computer, this can reduce them.

-fullscreen start CSGO in Fullscreen mode. Most players have this enabled by default, but this will offer again if you were formerly playing in windowed mode. When in windowed mode, your computer’s reserves are still used to render and process the Windows UI elements and used for some other background activities. Fullscreen mode enriches FPS by blocking Windows from doing this.

+mat_disable_fancy_blending 1 is a console command commonly misbranded as a launch option, so you can instead put it in your Autoexec (without the +) if you would prefer. This works to enhance FPS by disabling “fancy blending” – the downside is that it makes textures look less comprehensive.

+cl_forcepreload 1, like some other “launch options” we have listed, is a console command that people commonly mistake for a launch option. It forces CSGO to preload all models, sounds, and other files when loading a map instead of during the gameplay. This can cause CSGO to take longer to load maps, but you will have better FPS and reduced stuttering when playing. Note that if you have issues with not enough RAM available, you may want to remove this launch option to let off up memory.

-limitvsconst will limit the game’s number of vertex shaders to a maximum of 256, which may offer an FPS boost.

-forcenovsync disables VSync, which often causes more problems than it solves. Most users will have already disabled VSync via their graphics settings. A small number of players will experience screen ripping with this launch option, so remove this if you notice any after applying these launch options.

+r_dynamic 0 is a console command that is confused for a launch option. It disables dynamic lighting, which can cause an FPS boost.

+mat_queue_mode 2 is another console command that players often use as a launch option (it does not matter if you put this in your Autoexec or as a launch option). This may offer an FPS improvement but may also cause FPS issues, so we recommend testing this before using it in competitive games. It provides an FPS improvement by setting the material system’s queue mode to an asynchronous queued mode.

-disable_d3d9ex will disable DirectX 9Ex but will decrease FPS for most people. It might be worth trying if you are getting no luck with the other launch options listed here.

-r_emulate_g will make CSGO emulate OpenGL, which can cause an FPS boost for some players (reason unknown to us, but the source of this claim is Valve).

-softparticlesdefaultoff will render without feathering, which can cause an FPS boost but reduce your game’s graphics quality.

Trial Launch Options:

We propose utilizing the launch options carefully. By and large, the standard illustration settings should give you a very sizable number of alternatives to change your framework to the most noteworthy conceivable exhibition.

Be that as it may, if you are yet not happy with your gaming experience, or your machine is very moderate, these choices could take care of you. 

+mat_queue_mode 2 changes the way that the material framework in CSGO works. Some have announced this order to acquire an increment FPS; others have complex issues.

So, this is truly not something you ought to be giving a shot in a serious game. Give it a try in any easy-going game mode and watch your edge rate intently. 

On the off chance that you have adequate RAM, you can evaluate utilizing +cl_forcepreload 1.

This makes CSGO preload the entirety of the resources before tossing you into a match. Stacking times will increment, however in any event; your PC does not need to stress over stacking up all the records while you are effectively playing.

The last stand:

In case you are at the total finish of your brains and need to play CSGO, regardless of how awful it looks, you should check this CSGO jump-start alternative out. +mat_disable_fancy_blending 1 will incapacitate surface mixing such that it awards more FPS yet will seriously affect the visual nature of the game.

You can likewise give a shot +r_dynamic 0, which will murder any powerful lighting impacts. The disadvantage of this is that you will pass up gag streaks and flashbangs.

However, do not think this will give you a flashbang hack; you will, in any case, be blinded by those approaching explosives.

Be that as it may, if a flashbang is tossed behind an impediment, you will not see it flying off. This isn’t very good, as you presently need and sort of visual piece of information regarding where a flashbang was tossed.

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