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Prime status is a characteristic of the game for the ones who have purchased the game or are level 21 or above. Prime status holders receive exclusive benefits over the other players. They are matched against other prime-holders only and are eligible for exclusive items. Unique item drops, weapon cases, and access to the community operated servers make being a prime holder worth it.

One can even keep playing and level up to 21 to attain the prime status but it doesn’t enhance the gameplay significantly, the player might get the prime match-making but one will still have to deal with the in-game troubles such as hackers, bots, and derankers.

Why buy Smurf Account?

  • Some people prefer buying a smurf account rather than prime which is not exactly a wiser choice. A smurf account will not prevent the gamer from matchmaking with hackers or other players with plugins.
  • It will also not enable the player for additional matchmaking features and one cannot get the exclusive items in the drops and crates such as weapon skins and costumes with which one can customize the loadout according to his personal choice. But one will still have to make his way through trollers, derankers, and other smurfers in the same lobby too.
  • As the prime players are only matched with prime players it makes the gaming experience better as they are competing with someone with the alike skillset and it makes the gameplay fair too. One can even prioritize prime matches later after being queued according to one’s choice.
  • Having a prime account also saves one from any cheating or hackers who use hacks and mods in the game as the entry has restrictions hence one gets better opponents and additional access to amazing skins, weapons, and costumes too. Having a prime status makes an immensely positive impact on the gameplay and helps to keep toxic players away simultaneously.


  • Overall prime accounts are better than smurf accounts. Since they cut down any player that uses unfair means in the game along with the bots and derankers which irritate the gamer. The unique weapon skins and costumes give the gamer a good feeling and contribute to the betterment of the gaming experience.
  • Playing with legit players in a fair competitive manner is not only fun but also sharpens the skills of the gamer. Choosing the right gaming experience is highly essential for an actual gamer and prime is highly superior to the rest nonprime or smurf accounts available. Hence to make your CS GO experience top-notch one should attain prime as soon as possible.
  • One can upgrade to Prime by just simply buying it online and having the best CSgo experience rather than putting in 100 hours to reach level 21 and then getting the prime match-making

Why should one buy an account?

  • A CSGO player has a clear understanding of the amount of time and energy one must give for reaching Private level 21 and attaining a prime account, one can just skip that frustration and turmoil with a few bucks.
  • One can save time and energy by just purchasing a prime account and get a head-start and a better gaming experience. One can encounter better matchmaking too. That is because one will have the option to have a great position and afterwards progress through the game while encountering the advantages that join Prime Account CSGO.
  • Everyone hates playing with noobs which makes this is the best option available for one to move forward with. In the meantime, one should also understand that you will have a perfect enemy to face on the other side. Which will make the game all the more exciting and fun. So, feel free to Buy CSGO Prime from our site. Initial experience with a non-prime account makes the gamer tend to leave the game repeatedly, all the trouble can be saved with a quick prime account.
  • The game has unique mechanics that are difficult to learn and dominate. Learning a solitary rifle will take at any rate 500 hours in case you’re an easy-going gamer. It is that difficult. As of now, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is still one of the most played game on the planet with a normal of 900,000 simultaneous players. One may be considering how a round of this nature and following 8 years best the steam graphs? It is principally a direct result of its serious nature.
  • The serious game mode is the spot to demonstrate that you are the best CSGO major part on the planet. CSGO has a positioning framework that approves your ongoing interaction and places you in an aptitude gathering. You need to stir your way up to the most noteworthy expertise bunch CSGO offers ‘THE GLOBAL ELITE’. The serious game mode is straightforward, it is a 5v5 game among Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.
  • There is an aggregate of 30 rounds and the main group to win 16 rounds dominate the match. The first round is the gun round. Fear-based oppressors will be given ‘Glock-18’ and the Counter-Terrorists will be given ‘USP-S/P2000’ and every player gets 800$ to purchase utilities or a kevlar vest. As groups win, they bring in more cash and the losing group gets less cash which ultimately lets you purchase all the higher harm managing weapons.
  • As you lose continuously, your misfortune reward cash gets expanded. It covers 3600$. This is the serious game mode and the most played game mode in Counter-Strike. CSGO additionally gives other game modes, for example, Deathmatch, Arms race, Demolition, Casual, and the as of late added DangerZone which is propelled from well-known games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends. CSGO likewise gives network workers that permit players to mod the worker anyway they need it to be. Network workers are a significant piece of CSGO.

Even though there are so many game modes CSGO offers the serious game mode is the most played game mode. This game mode is the thing that keeps the game running and Players fight it out to substantiate themselves and attempt to go for the primary stage.

High tier account ranks:

Beginning with Master Guardian to SMFC and even Global Elite. The ranks offered are vastly high. One can easily get “Master Guardian” or “Distinguished Master” in a single click. This saves grinding of several hours and also comes with extra benefits, goodies with respect to one’s rank such as coins and service medals at a lucrative price. Certain streamers buy an alternative account to play with just a few extra bucks here.

Service medal accounts

They add extensive value to the gamer’s CSGO account and shows the amount of time one has invested in the game. Service medals are directly in proportion to the trust factor, they act as proof and the account is not doubted by the gamers around, they are also considered souvenirs