CSGO Non Prime Accounts

csgo non prime accounts

CSGO Non Prime Accounts

Everyone out there. Are you a true admirer of Counter Strike Global Offensive? if yes then we are having something really special for you. CSGO Non Prime Accounts are emerging as the best solution for you. When it comes about attending major wins these accounts serves as a lifeline. If you are looking for Cheap CSGO Non Prime Accounts then you are at the perfect place.

Buy CSGO Non Prime Accounts

These accounts follow the Private Rank below 21. The most amazing part of non-prime accounts is that it offers 10 to 30 wins. This aspect signifies the authentic support to the player. These accounts cost less in comparison to csgo prime accounts. So, buying these CSGO Non Prime Accounts tends to be a great decision for every CSGO players.

No matter what you want we are offering every kind of non prime accounts for you. Mainly starting from silver to global elite account we have it all. Apart from this, you can also take the decision to buy lower rank CSGO Non Prime Accounts. Making the selection of these accounts is completely up to you. We are providing these non-prime accounts at unexpectedly affordable prices. All this in order of maintaining a constant interest in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

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    Non Prime Private Rank 2 [Instant Delivery]

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    Non Prime Silver 1 – Silver 2 [Instant Delivery]

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    Non Prime Silver 3 – Silver 4 [Instant Delivery]

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    Non Prime Silver Elite – Silver Elite Master [Instant Delivery]

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    Non Prime Gold Nova 1 – Gold Nova Master [Instant Delivery]

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    Non Prime Master Guardian 1 – Master Guardian 2 [Instant Delivery]

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    Non Prime Master Guardian Elite – Distinguished Master Guardian [Instant delivery]

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    Non Prime Legendary Eagle [Instant Delivery]

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    Non Prime Legendary Eagle Master [Instant Delivery]

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    Non Prime Supreme Master First Class [Instant Delivery]

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    Non Prime Global Elite [Instant Delivery]

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csgo non primes

CSGO Non Prime Accounts

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the best games of the decade and the Counter-Strike franchise is one of the best franchises of all time. Counter-Strike series can arguably be called one of the best things that happened to game. Can you imagine the esports scene without a game like counter-strike? I definitely cannot.

What is it that makes CSGO aka Counter-Strike: Global Offensive so good? Is it the graphics? No. The game actually has decent graphics and still manages to be the best game of all time. How? Simple, It’s unique gameplay and highly replayable competitive game mode. As of now, If you are good enough at CSGO you can literally learn any other FPS games faster than a casual gamer or any other competitive gamer.


CSGO is a first-person shooter game developed and published by Valve. The gameplay is pretty simple. CSGO is a game between counter-terrorists and terrorists. There’s a total of 30 rounds and the first team to win 16 rounds as considered winners of the game. Teams start with pistols and 800$ in the first round. As the game progresses, Winners of the round get more money and Losers get low pay. Managing the economy while fighting enemies and winning the game seems like an addiction to me!

The competitive game mode got everyone going again and again until they become a master at the game. The strive for progression made everyone love the game. CSGO is not your typical shooter like Call of Duty where you can just aim at the enemy and keep shooting.

It is much more than that. There’s a number of circumstances that make you go “ I aimed at him and shot but he didn’t die, why? “. Released back in 2012 and still going strong in terms of the player base, peaking 1.3 million concurrent players in April 2020 and reaching 1.9 million viewers for the ELEAGUE Major 2018. This game consists of a lot of game modes such as DeathMatch, Casual, Wingman, Flying Scoutsman, Competitive 2v2, and the latest game mode DangerZone.

Although CSGO offers a wide variety of game modes, The Competitive game mode is the most loved and played game mode. With selective maps in Competitive, Players battle it out to prove their worth and skill. The Global Elite name is the prize and the grind never stops. If you are planning to get into the CSGO grind, Let us help you, and good luck!


CSGO offers two types of accounts/matchmaking. Prime and Non-Prime. This was not the case before the Danger Zone update back in 2018. CSGO went free-to-play when the Danger Zone update kicked in and that’s when the CSGO non prime accounts were split into two. Obviously, everyone expected it coming because when a game goes free, cheaters will try to test the anti-cheats of the developers. Prime accounts provide Prime matchmaking where you will be matched with players of your trust factor which results in low risk of being matched against cheaters

Non-Prime accounts/matchmaking has a slightly higher chance of being matched with cheaters. Players who bought the game has been upgraded to prime status automatically and the players who joined after the game went free are moved into non-prime to reduce cheaters getting into prime games.


When you log into CSGO for the first time, Your CSGO account will be considered as a Low trust factor account and will be given a Non-Prime Status. As a Non-Prime account, you have a higher risk of being matched against cheaters and some of the access in CSGO is restricted.

Community servers, In my opinion, are an important part of CSGO, is restricted for Non-Prime and some of the skins in the game are restricted too. These are the only disadvantages of having a Non-Prime account.


You can upgrade to Prime account by reaching level 21 in-game. It takes about 100 hours to reach level 21 in-game. 100 hours of grind gets you Prime matchmaking. You can also upgrade your Non-Prime account to a Prime account by buying Prime status for INR.1050.


Non-Prime accounts are really good for new players as Prime and Non-Prime mainly affect Competitive matchmaking and new players need some time to learn the game.
Non-Prime accounts are the best for smurfing. If you are planning to smurf in lower elos Non-Primes are your way to go.

Having multiple Prime accounts is hard as it requires your phone number. You can have multiple Prime accounts if you have multiple SIM cards which is not an easy situation for many. So Non-Primes don’t require Phone numbers. If you want to play with your friends who are in lower elos, Non-Prime accounts are definitely worth looking at.

We all would have heard about the word ‘one-tricks’ well some players just like to play only Dust II and some players only play AWPs, So If you are a one-trick, Non-Prime helps you learn new maps and new guns.
If you are at a higher skill group and looking to learn new weapons and maps without throwing your games and risk your rank. You can always get a Non-Prime account and learn whatever you want.
If you are looking to buy a bunch of CSGO accounts, Non-Primes are your way to go.


Buying a Non-Prime account is advised usually because it comes with great benefits! You can get a Non-Prime account of your desired rank, level, and badges.
By spending a few bucks, You can completely forget the term ‘grinding’. Buying a Non-Prime saves you your valuable time at a little cost.

If you want to start playing CSGO but you need an account with rank then buying a Non-Prime is the best choice.
The whole point of buying Non-Prime is to get an account of your desired stat.


We, At CSGO-Accounts, Provide all sorts of CSGO accounts including CSGO Non Prime Accounts. We value our customers a lot so we always look to provide our services at the highest quality possible, even if you purchase CSGO Non Prime Accounts. We provide a range of products so that our valuable customers can find the right product. We have a 24/7 support team that helps you with any issues. Our team of boosters are passionate and enthusiastic so we assure you a 100% safe product. Our product comes with a lifetime warranty so that you won’t be disappointed.

As we already mentioned, Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and we strive for it. We also have an easy user interface to help you get things done within a matter of minutes!. We almost forgot to mention our fast delivery. Once the process is over, your product will be delivered in an instant. Feel free to take a look at our customer responses. We are glad to have you as your customer! Good luck with your Counter-Strike Journey!